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tv   Fox 28 News at 9  FOX  September 19, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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recent flooding is more than governor branstad says recent flooding is more than the state with k handle. what he's asking president obama to do about it. >> and we'll track the last of these tomorrows and look at a summery week ahead in your weather first forecast. >> gunshots bring an end to a weekend of terror in 3 states. team coverage on what investigators know right now and how leaders at all levels are responding to the ta tragedies, officers in the corridor this v this message for eastern iowans. >> overhauling county government. >> there's not enough work for 3 people let alone 5 full-time. >> reporter: the chains coming. and vote 2016 coverage of a busy day on the campaign trail. our reporters are all over the state, covering the candidates
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-- as they criss-cross iowa ahead of election day. >> much of eastern iowa faced threat of see voter weather. it appears the threat is over. terry has more. terry? >> it's about whey expected to happen. we talked about a warm lay over air aloft in eastern iowa. i want expecting much in the way of severe weather. that's what happened. now the to canceled and the temperatures are cooling off. after a high of 89 degrees in cedar rapids, we're back to 71 now. the winds have turned from the northeast. there are a few light showers around portions of delaware and dubuque counties. tomorrow, we should get off to
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they'll wample up a bit. we'll have more scattered thunderstorms in our forecast coming up. iowa governor terry branstad is asking president obama for a federal disaster declaration. eastern counties were hit hard by flooding and flash flooding. one person died when their they're car governor wran staid has issued a state disaster block brock la haitian. if president obama declares a federal deck la brakes it will open up for assistance for federal and state -- for local an state agencies. the mayor says he wants to give chief trel characters a
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reports surfaced that he'll be asked throw sign after a series of costly cases involving white police officers and their interactions with black a shootout with police ended a weekend of terror in and around new york city. all started saturday morning when a bomb went off along the route of a road race in new one was hurt there...but then saturday night, another bomb in manhattan injured nearly the hours after the blast, more devices were found in
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rn man believed to be in security video footage from both bombing sites.authorities say the suspect opened fire on police, hitting two officers, before he was taken into custody.both officers are expected to recover. the suspect was shot multiple times his name is ahmad khan rahami.he is a 28-year-old u-s citizen who immigrated to the u-s when he was seven.rahami reportedly traveled to afghanistan at least three times and once to pakistan in recent years.he was not on watch list and did undergo a customs and border protection interview after one trip to official motive has not been released, but homeland security is looking for any ties rahami may have had to international terror groups. despite reports that the suspect acted alone, tension remains high in the big apple. fox 28 news chief political agented alone, tension repains high in the big apple. scott thuman is in new york with how people there are handling all of this. >> reporter: the city of new york is on alert.
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are about as resilient as it gets. we are seeing both sides of that tonight. >> reporter: the headlines, alarming, but also all too familiar. so much so that a quick glance at the non-shah lapt appearance of many, and you'd almost have no clue this was the target of yet another attack. it was enough to make this duo at least temporarily cancel their trip. >> he she called me this morning and said you want to go? i said, i'm scared. i don't want to happen next. you see bombings, and it's scary. >> reporter: this one national guard unit and amtrak police car the first impression upon exiting penn station. the state calling in an additional 1,000 police officers and soldiers. >> i dry not to think about it. if you think about it, you'll become like a caged animal. >> reporter: but difficult to do, some say, when you consider your surroundings as the bombs
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garbage cans. countless cameras and a quick arrest have provided some comfort, but many asked for how long. >> because we e cannot trust just every individual that is immigrating into the united states. >> reporter: as one new yorker put it to any maine, even with news of this arrest, you can't live here and not be at least a little concerned. back to you. this morning, president obama said americans trying to do with attacks like this. >> they are trying to hurt innocent people, but they also want to inspire fear in all of us. we all have a role to play as citizens in making sure that we don't succumb to that fear. there's no better example of that than the people in new york and new jersey. >> the candidates for president also responded to today' development. democrat height echoed the president's september thes.
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are stronger together in the face of this threat and every other challenge. republican nominee donald trump took a different tone after the attacks.he sat down for an exclusive interview with full measure's sharyl attkisson -- the attacks. he sat down for an exclusive interview with full measure's cheryl @ qinson and says america needs a new direction and a new tone. >> they need to respect our country. they do not respect our country. remember the famous jv? this is the jv. this is obama. he truly and this is radical islamic terrorism. it has to be dealt with sharply. have now is only going to get worse with weak leadership." although hundreds of miles away, seemingly random attacks like this only add to safety concerns here in the corridor. fox 28 news reporter connor morgan -- --continues tonight's team coverage with what local enforcement want you to know. know. cops are sending a message today - pay attention. "based on the national events that have been recently in the
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hurt for people to maybe take a second and be more aware of their surroundings."local law enforcement officers say they need public cooperation to crack down on crime. "we don't have enough deputies to cover every square inch of this county.""as much as we'd like to be everywhere, we cannot be."they say a person acting suspiciously could be nothing - but it could also be the makings of a terror attack. local schools don't specifically teach students about identifying threats. however - some corridor specifically teach students about identifying threats, but tips for spot suspicious activity during annual orientation. >> reporter: expert says suspicious activity is behavior based, so you can throw out thing like race, ethnicity, and religious affiliation and focus on things that seem unusual. >> people look comfortable in the area they're familiar with. if something looks out of place, they'll no it more than we will. >> reporter: while these actions may seem innocent... >> we want to encouraging
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of concerns to contact us. >> we would prefer that people call us rather than not call us. we can send a deputy out and if it's nothing, that's great. but if it turns tout be something, we want trained people to deal with it. >> reporter: connor morgan, fox 28 news at 9. stabbing spree at a minnesota mall is being considered a terror attac naturalized american from somalia, stabbed 13 people before app officer shot and killed him. isis claimed responsibility for this attack, but it's unclear if the attackser had a connection to the group. >> reporter: federal law enforcement officials say the minnesota attacker, 22 yeeferl dahir adan, fits a profile similar throne wolf terrorists that have carried out attacks
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security guard, just like the orlando night club attacker, e- mar mateen. he spent moat of his life in the u.s., but came to a -- but came from terrorists who spent time in a country with significant terrorist presence. parts of minnesota are being watched closely by the fbi. the state leads the nation in terms of the number of people who have left or sought to leave the u.s. to join terrorist groups. since 2007, more young men have lefted minnesota to join al-shabab in somalia and a dozen to join cyst is syria. >> for more news, head to our website, senator chuck grassley wants to know more at both terror suspects. he says he was briefed by the
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he's he's requesting the full pieces of information should provide valuable insight into what led to these attacks, and may help law enforcement in its future efforts to stop terrorists from trying to wreak havoc on our country. coming up later on the fox 28 news at nine -- lawmakers respond to a weekend of terror. what elected officials need to look at when it comes to preventing more attacks like this.that's coming up in a few minutes on the fox 28 news at nine. the final decision in the david miller murder trial now rests in the hands of the jury., the prosecution and the defense made their final pleas to jurors in closing arguments.miller is accused of brutally murdering his girlfriend -- sabrina hustad janish -- last october. the prosecution insists that miller should be convicted of first degrree murder, considering investigators found miller's blood on janish as well as in vehicles he allegedly stole. but the defense argues that there's no motive, and there's a
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"can you name the time of death? no. they cannot tell you when ms. hustad died. there's no evidence between these four walls of the time of death. as a matter of fact, there was not a finger lifted to try and determine ms. hustad's whereabouts on that day or the prior day." day.""i guess the question is who killed sabrina hustad janish? what does the evidence show? it shows the dna of only two including that of the defendant" defendant."if convicted of first degree murder, miller will spend the rest of his life in prison with no chance for parole. new data shows iowa law enforcement agencies seized cash, cars and property from at least one-thousand people not accused of a crime. crime.a des moines register investigation found the number of these cases has skyrocketed in recent years.that's due in part to laws created in the 80'. 80' for the tens-of-
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in part for laws -- true dew to laws created in the 80s. most of the items went unclaimed, so it wept to law enforcement. supporters say it deters criminal, but critics say it leads to police padding their pockets. a demonstration along the mississippi trying to block a pipeline from being built. next fox 28 news at 9, changing the makeup of county government. a big report in the hands of
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tomorrow on fox28 morning live...we expect teachers to help guide our children through their younger years ... but one teacher does the unthinkable. she's donating her own kidney for a student. tuesday on fox28. when linn county voters go to the ballot box in november -- one of the biggest votes when lin county vote ores go to the ballot box, one of the biggest focuses won't be -- why the number of lin county supervisors hangs in the balance in november. >> reporter: lin county voters decided to expand the board
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>> reporter: out in rural lin of supervisors meetings -- at least two representatives are here to champion the rural cause.john harris represents district five.they call it the donut because district two does go south and splits it up but it goes from mount vernon to prairieburg to coggen... they're rural communities that john is afraid would get left behind if the board shrinks. oleson feels the same way. people that vote for me that i directly represnt are from marion, are from central city, are from bertramoleson says a strong cedar rapids is good for all of linn county.but with just three seats -- the board may be dominated by supervisors elected by the voters who live in the city -- and something like the much needed improvements on squaw creek ridge road and lakeside road may have never happened. oleson says that's how it was before the board expanded in the late 2000's -- when he
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priorities suffered.he says the same thing happened when the cedar crossing casino project was figuring out ?who would pay for ?what."we were asked to bond 25-million dollars to build a parking garage and own the parking garage for the casino. and i fought that and said no. "he says the temptation to become what he calls an "extension of the city council" is there all the time -- it's up to the supervisors to push back. "we're working with them, but keeping them in check, it all the full-time >> we're woin keeping them in check. >> reporter: one of the most vocal opponents has been kevin coo laxer. >> the one thing i've found out since i started going to the meetings and stuff, there's not enough work there for 5 people, let alone 3 full-time. >> reporter: he argues that rural lin county is not ready.
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some people are worried about, and keeps the representation kula says this decision is going to come down to voters
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i feel that the people were represented and educated and know what they were voting for, then i don't have a problem with it. that's my whole thing is tot get it out there so all the people know about it and can vote on it.he says a lot of time -- people don't know about their options for county government.john harris says what's clear over the past six months is there are some people who just don't like what the supervisors are doing -- and how they do it. "i'm not sure if that's coming from the silent majority -- or the vocal minority" if this referendum passes -- there would be another vote to figure out what the linn county board of supervisors would end up looking like. like.there are three options - - three ?at-large supervisors -- redrawing the districts from five to three -- or a
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the county -- with one at-large member on the board. we had what looked to be a pretty decent veer weather setup throughout the area. but can you have 9 parameters in place, but if you miss just one of those, the whole thing is kaput. although we had a tornado watch, nothing came of it.
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i'm chuck grassley and i approve this message because, as chairman of the senate judiciary committee i've worked on finding areas of agreement across party lines to help real people, with real problems. we've passed twenty-seven bills so far, each with bipartisan support. promote adoption. aid families battling drug addiction. protect victims of child pornography and human trafficking. protect kids from sex offenders. hold sponsors of terrorism accountable. safeguard whistle blowers. modernize criminal justice laws. we've already accomplished more in this congress
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one of the top five senators working across party lines. grassley works.
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krerl this afternoon, the strorm prediction center issued a tornado watch for highway 20 on to the south. there were some parameters that indicated the potential for severe weather, even tornadoes, but there was a warm layer of air aloft, what we call a cap in place. the at most most fear was never able to get yum fully charged and break through that cap. as a result, the thunderstorms that did develop were few and far between. the tornado watch was canceled in all areas by 7:00 in the evening e. 71 degrees is our current reading in cedar rapids. the winds have come back to the east. that's knocked the high back a bit, considering the high was town 89 degrees. our dew point is at 66. as can you see, still a few light showers drifting around. some of those won'tering into
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into delaware county. most of this is very light in nature and quickly moving to the southeast. that should be it for any precipitation around eastern iowa pup can also see on the satellite here, the back edge of the clouds is quickly moving southeast too. that misseens a quiet night ahead. here's today's high temperatures. look at this braining only 75 degrees in decorah, but iowa city went all the way town 91. it there's our 9 in cedar rapids. as you went further to the north, cooler conditions just along and bind that front. temperatures have callfallen to 59 in owine. in iowa city, the temperature still stands at 77. our front is just southeast of see cedar rapids. not quite on iowa city.
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the south. the front continues to slowly sink southward. tomorrow, it gets real five diffuse and -- it gets real diffuse and fizzles out. that warm air that was over us today comes back tomorrow afternoon and intensifies on wednesday. that's day when temperatures could once again be back in the upper 80s. tomorrow, i be down several degrees. we're looking for highs to range up to the low to mid 80s. dew points in the 60s, so a little mugginess to the air, but most of that should be in our southern counties. with a system lollygagging around the midwest, we'll have several chances for thunderstorms.
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river valley have a chance for an inch or two of rain. tonight, some scattered showers and storms up in the northeast ending in the next couple hours. tomorrow, mostly sunny skies, warm, nice day. temperatures in the upper 70s in the far north, about 0eu to 85 farther south. look at the temperatures as we go through the week sthail they'll stay well into the 80s. grime, sunday night, dpronlts through and cooling things back to the upper 60s for monday of
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be the temperatures that we're expecting, scott. they should be well above normal. with that warm human air around and that front not too far way, addition thunderstorms will be in the forecast. i'm not so concerned about veer weather as i am for the potential of more heavy rains. the pattern keeps repeating itself over and over again. >> the weekends are looking very good. up next, the search for a political solution in the face
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new jersey, new york and minnesota are raising new questions about the country's 28 news national correspondent kristine frazao looks at the issues lawmakers now face in the weeks and months ahead. ahead. when it comes to terrorizing a community and a nation, this weekend's string of explosions seemed to serve their purpose - with multiple targets and devices - some injuring dozens and others being dismantled by police robots.the incidents - terrorism - as the number of isis related charges right here in the united states has already surpassed 100.if they can inspire people to do that for them, it's kind of the franchise model of jihad, if they can get people to tom sawyer the explosions and the stabbings for them then they're winning and right now they are winningnew fears of terrorism in the same city where the united nations is holding its first summit for refugees and migrants... with
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30 percent increase in refugees allowed into the united states next's a strategy the center for security policy's jim hanson calls dangerous."why then would we bring those people from other countries to the united states. that's not bias, that's not bigotry. that's pure security. if you don't know the good guys from the bad guys, you can't bring them here."hanson has also been critical of the new york police department ending surveillance programs at mosques and within muslim communities."both new york city and the federal law enforcement community by not allowing them to look at the people most likely to commit these acts."but others have cautioned conducting surveillance of entire communities is un-american. president obama cautioned one of the goals of terrorism is to undermine american values. "they are trying to hurt innocent people but they also want to inspire fear in all of us and disrupt the way we
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governor branstad attacked president obama and his efforts to fight the war on ter. terror."this administration hasn't taken the threat of isis and islamic extremist seriously enough and that's why i think we need new leadership and we need to work in a coordinated effort to try and identify where the threats are and who the people who are identified with isis that are a danger to the health and well being of our citizens." citizens." accused democratic nominee hillary clinton of not supporting iowa's first-in- the-nation status in the nominating process.he claims clinton was embarassed after losing to barack obama in 2008 and narrowly defeating senator bernie sanders this year.a spokeswoman for the clinton campaign denied the accusations, saying clinton is committed to keeping iowa at the top of the election calendar. next on the fox 28 news at nine -- a busy political day across the state of coverage of a number of stops
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republican nominees for vice pr. president.and later, a lot to work on in iowa city after an embarassing loss at the hawkeyes hope to recover in their first road test of the year - when the fox 28 news at nine continues. the year - when the fox 28 news at nine continues. the older we get, the more we measure quality of life by the numbers. so when washington politicians like rod blum keep voting to raise social security's retirement age to 70, it's time to pay attention. for years, he's pressed to privatize social security, market. and blum even supports cutting social security benefits. that's a plan for our seniors that doesn't add up for iowa. house majority pac is responsible
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politics in full swing across iowa, as two criss-cross the state tryin politics in full swing as 2 running mates criss-cross the state, destroy triking to earn votes in a tight race. iowa has been one of the closest contests in the race republican nominee donald trump.with limited polling in recent weeks, a new average shows trump surging ahead of clinton in the hawkeye state. state.a short time ago, indiana governor mike pence, the republican nominee for vice president, wrapped up a trip to dubuque.this was one of two stops the v-p candidate
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we have team coverage from across the state--beginning with fox 28 news political reporter and host of 'iowa in with political reporter and host of iowa in focus kevin barry who spoke with governor pence in mason city. >> reporter: for 2 command dateds on the same ticket, donald trump rallies are vastly different when mike pence is the main attraction. for some voters, it's bake deal. >> i'm a christian, a conservative, and a republican opinion, in that order. >> reporter: you won't find mike pence sounding much his running mate on the campaign trail. ted cruz convert vicki trolic likes it that way. >> mr. trump has said some things i didn't care for. >> reporter: she's made 10 trips from iowa to minnesota. trump did not win her over. >> he wasn't my first choice. it's why i made this button. not my first choice, but now my
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is pence smoothing over the rough edges when trump may offend some voters. trump says he'll be aggressive overseas. pence makes sure peoples up why. >> he will roll his sleeves up and make sure that when we have trade deals with countries around the world, we make sure those deals work for american workers first. >> donnell trump and i have different styles. it's a long way from indiana to >> reporter: vicki says even if she doesn't like everything donald trump says, she can understand his addition to pick pence. a wise man surrounds himself with good people. that's what he's doing. >> reporter: pens will next go to pence's home state -- back to his home state of virginia. >> hillary clinton's running
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supporters in ames. >> reporter: iowans can start voting in 10 days. with the latest polls showing a tight race with democratic vp nominee tim cain says it won't be easy to get to the white house during his pitch today to isu student, he encouraginged theme themselves to get out and start volunteering, because face to face contact is the key to victory. >> reporter: in full cyclone colors, tim kaine's visit to iowa state university brought out as much energy as a football game. junior may began killborn was among many cheering proudly in the in the stands. >> it's important for them to hold things like this on campus and for them to come out and actually talk to us. >> lil' and i, we were like you once. >> reporter: kaine talk to the crowd about top issues like campaign reform and lgbt rights. he believes he and clinton can help americans rather than reform - you already know what
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and i are with you and the other guys are against us and want to take us backward."a message like that brings hope for students like megan - >> reporter: a message like that brings hopes for students like may began. to her, both clinton and kaine's experiences matter. >> i think it was a solid choicer in to pick someone who's already in the senate scene able to communicate with people. >> reporter: the pew rrnlg center reports less than half of millennials cast in the last election, and mae may began hopes kaine's visit will encourage them to get out and vote. >> i'm the underdog until i'm the winner. hick feels the same way. >> reporter: one big concern for the college students is lowering college debt, and kaine says clinton would work to eliminate date debt and work to make in-state tuition free
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$125,000 a year. >> for more, watch iowa in
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for a time today, parts of
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watch. warm temperatures aloft capped the atmosphere. you have to have the cooler air aloft to get these storms going. it just didn't happen today, so the watch was canceled by 7:00. the rest of us saw these showers and storms in the southeastern counties. they're now move together southeast. not much left. those will be dissipating quickly. the quest of the night looks very uneventful. note how the skies have cleared off to the north-northwest? that will work think thru the renal tonight. by tomorrow morning, we should have plenty of clear skies to set up our next day of warm weather tomorrow. i think temperatures will be back in the 80ed. we should have plenty of sunshine along with nap tomorrow will be cooler in the area. temperatures are won at 75 in dec rorks a. as you go further to the south, look what happens
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iowa city with a temperature of 91 degrees. normal highs are around 74. that is a really toasty day four southern counties. now the temperatures are still back in the 50s and 60s in the north, but holding around 77 in iowa city and 71 in cedar rapids. it's pretty diffuse. it doesn't have a lot of pop. tomorrow, we have low pressure tracking towards t lakes. we'll get the front through the area. but as the high quickly moves he's, we'll get some return flow here. that will spread the hent humidity back towards us. wednesday looks to be another very toasty day. a lot of places should be back in the you mid or upper 80s, well above nor ma'am here's what we're thinking for tomorrow's highs. a lot of spots should be back
9:46 pm
north, where some 70 residual a possibility. you can see where the jet stream is located. it heads toward the canadian board en. that will deliver some warm air and more moisture to the midwest. occasional gushes will bring the threat of showers and thunderstorm on just about every day except for tomorrow. here's our rainfall forecast with these multiple rounds of showers and storms, just to average it out, the potential inches of rain in some parts of the wide mess between now and next sunday night. our forecast for tonight has scattered showers ending up in the northeast. low temperatures around 52 or 53 up north and about 61 in washington. for tomorrow, looks like a face day, sunny conditions, low noise 80s over the rest of the
9:47 pm
above normal all the way through sunday. we're looking at 6 consecutive days of 80 degree temps. that would be a refreshing change to say the least. >> the only thing dpientsing about the week locally football. >> for the first time wall 3 teams. first time and the iowa defense, they so the goth some things to fix. coming up in sports, they're looking for answers after saturday saturday's performance. hear from them on their simple fix to stop giving up all the yards, plus there's a qb
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punting game and kicking game... ron calozzi has really done a good job and i don't know if we can cover a punt right now he's not giving us a the punting game and kicking game have done job. there's certainly a positive. >> no offense to the iowa punting game, but when that's the only positive thing kirk ferentz take ace way from game, that's not a good thing. cj beathard looked off, the running game was not consistent, and the defense got gashed. if you take away the iowa state game, iowa is giving up 198 and
9:51 pm
ground. how do they fix it? just execute. >> everybody gets a little tired. but again, i don't think we were faze bid that. we just needed to execute again. we just got know what will happen. we've got to anticipate. we didn't execute when we needed to. >> communication issues and fit issues. with you we need to look at the film this coming week and try >> iowa state trying to move on from 3 straight losses and 3 games without much success on the offense side of the game. matt campbell released the depth chart with joel lanning at number one and park as the backup. but he said both will continue
9:52 pm
guys to place we'll try trito do whatever give us the best situation and the opportunity to be successful. i think we'll continue to navigate that. they've both got skill sets i think can help our football team be successful. big night last night in minnesota with the vikings opening up the season with a win over their division rivals. the bad news peterson left the game and he has a torn minis rushings s in the right knee. he hasn't been ruled out for sunday, but there is no timetable for his return. >> i think they're tough. i think they're determined. i think they understand that you win football games as a team. you don't win them with one guy. we'll be okay.
9:53 pm
monday night football, the eagles hosting the bears. in the 4th, chicago trails 22- 7. at least through the 20-19 season -- the 4 schools announced the 2 year extention of the annual doubleheader today -- this year's event will take place on december 17th -- with u-n-i facing iowa -- and iowa state taking on drake at the wel t-v info will be released at a later date. royals not out of the playoffs yet-- just need to keep winning -- k-c hosting the white soxthey're up a run in the 4th -- and jose abreu changes that with one big swing -- mr. r-b-i -- ties the game up at 2 -- with his 25th homer of the season but in the 5th -- the royals would blow it open -- kendrys morales -- sends one into the fountains in left -- royals win -- 8 to 3.
9:54 pm
terry has a last check of your weather first forecast when the fox 28 news at nine returns. i'm chuck grassley and i approve this message because, as chairman of the senate judiciary committee i've worked on finding areas of agreement across party lines to help real people, with real problems.
9:55 pm
under chuck grassley's leadership, the committee has passed legislation that helps: promote adoption. aid families battling drug addiction. protect victims of child pornography and human trafficking. protect kids from sex offenders. hold sponsors of terrorism accountable. safeguard whistle blowers. modernize criminal justice laws. we've already accomplished more in this congress than in the last one, and we still have time to do more. one of the top five senators working across party lines. grassley works.
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the thunderstorm threat is over for the night and tomorrow we'll get sun back in our skies. another warm september day.
9:57 pm
>> another threat tomorrow maybe center. >> maybe tomorrow night and wednesday. >> okay. >> okay. on behalf of all of the older we get, the more we measure quality of life by the numbers. so when washington politicians like rod blum keep voting to raise social security's retirement age to 70, it's time to pay attention. for years, he's pressed to privatize social security, risking seniors' guaranteed benefits on the stock market. and blum even supports cutting social security benefits. that's a plan for our seniors that doesn't add up for iowa. house majority pac is responsible
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